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November 3rd, 2020

11/3 Meeting Annoucements + MathLeague Registration

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Hola students,

10/28/2020 Meeting Recap

We had a really productive meeting last week where we went through all of the competition questions students struggled with! As a reminder, if you haven’t yet, please fill out our survey so that we can have your input on what you want to see in our future meetings:

11/3/2020 Meeting 😻

Please come to our meeting on 11/3 at lunch, where Dhruv will be going over a lesson on Pascal’s Triangle! If we have time, we will also be finishing the countdown round from a few weeks ago.

At-Pac Instructions

This Thursday, on November 5th, we will be having our very first At-Pac lunch contest. More details will be coming later this week in the Google Classroom, so make sure that you look out for that in order to avoid any confusion on the contest day!

Mathleague Registration Open

Registration for the November Mathleague will also be open until November 10th. The competition itself will be on Saturday, November 14th, and once again, please register through

AMC Registration Still Open

AMC registration closes November 11th, so if you are thinking of taking the AMCs this year and you haven’t signed up already, make sure to do so by then at

Adiós, The Irvington Math Club Officer Team


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