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September 29th, 2020

9/30 Meeting + Neurodiversity Club Collab

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Come to our meeting tomorrow (September 30th) for an exemplar and exceedingly interesting lecture about the geometric interpretation of complex numbers (including the infamous roots of unity) by Shivansh! We promise it is a lecture you do not want to miss! As a reminder the meeting link is

In addition, here are some things to look forward to and some things to keep in mind for the next few weeks:

Neurodiversity Club Collab Good news! We are partnering with the Neurodiversity Club (yay)! Our collaboration includes a very special opportunity: tutoring! Yes, tutoring! Why, you may ask? Because we want YOU to help tutor neurodiverse students in math! So are you up for the challenge? Want something extra to do? Then go check out this video for more details!

Lunch Contest Registration A quick reminder that lunch contest registration is currently open at the Irvington Shop, and you have until October 7th to do so! (Buy now before it’s too late!)

HMMT Registration As we said in our previous post/email, HMMT registration is currently open. It’s completely free to participate, so if you want to practice your math skills or take a chance at some more difficult problems, then make sure to sign up before October 14th! The sign up form is HMMT Register.


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