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March 31st, 2021

3/31 Meeting + Officer Applications Reminder

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Wednesday Meeting 🌸 Join us this Wednesday for the last meeting before Spring Break! Shivansh will be extensively explaining Euler’s formula, as well as providing use cases for it, all with a little bit of April Fools comedy intertwined 😉😉!

Stanford Math Tournament 🥇 For those of you who registered for the Stanford Math Tournament, you will have to pay $10 on the new shop item, more information for which will be sent to your emails later this week!

Reminder for Officer Apps 📝 Want to join the best officer team on campus 🔥? Here’s your chance! This is a reminder that officer applications are open, and directions for applying can be found here:

Applications are due by March 31st 11:59 PM, so make sure to apply by then!


Irvington Math Club