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February 24th, 2021

2/24 Meeting + Guts Round!

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2/24 Meeting 😎

This Wednesday, we’ll be doing a HUGE contest review where we’ll be going over problems from the last 2 months! This will give you a chance to figure out any mistakes (or learn to solve problems faster) on the previous few CAML’s, ASMA’s, and At-Pac’s, so make sure that you attend!

Visit to see all of the questions we will be going over, and select any problems you’re interested in reviewing beforehand.

Guts Round with American High School 🧪

Over the past month, our officer team has been working with other schools to write and organize a Guts Round contest!

The contest will be individual (no teams) and will open on February 22nd. Students will have between the 22nd and February 28th to complete the questions.

To register, please visit

Stoles for Seniors 🎓

This year, seniors have a chance to buy stoles labeled with the math club logo! If you are interested in purchasing one, please fill out this form: (If there isn’t enough demand, we may not be able to do this, so make sure to fill it out if interested):


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