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January 17th, 2021

1/20 Meeting + AMC Confirmations

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Wednesday Meeting 🕯💥
This week during our weekly meeting, Princeton Liu will create a new enlightenment in mathematics with his lecture about modular arithmetic!

AMC Registration Confirmation (Important) 📈
If you have registered for any of the AMC contests with math club, you should have received a loopmail from Mrs. Tav on approximately December 12th/23rd, titled either “AMC 10 Participant Invite Link” or “AMC 12 A Participant Invite Link” asking you to link your AoPS account with your AMC registration.

We have received a couple reports of people not receiving this, so if you are unsure of whether you are registered on the AoPS system, check the following link while logged in to your AoPS account:

If it does not say you have already registered (even though you signed up through the school), please contact us at


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