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April 18th, 2021

4/21 Game Day + Evan Chen Information

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Wednesday Meeting: Math Club Game DAY!

Join us this Wednesday (4/21) for a very special event: IMC’s very first game day! During this meeting, we will be playing several, very fun and interesting math-related games, so make sure not to miss out!


TL;DR: Evan Chen, one of the smartest mathletes to ever come out of Irvington High School, and current MIT PHD student, will be giving a guest lecture on April 28th

This April 28th, the well known Evan Chen, an Irvington alumnus from the class of 2014 who is an IMO gold medalist and a winner of the 2014 USA Math olympiad, representing Taiwan. Evan has done his undergraduate studies from Harvard, later transferring to MIT to complete his studies. Currently, he is a math PhD student at MIT and one of the United States math olympiad coaches. While serving as the team selection coordinator for the United States math olympiad, Evan runs his own training program and streams olympiad math for students’ entertainment. He is also well known for his popular textbook, Euclidean Geometry in Math Olympiads, that he wrote while still in high school (published in 2016). Apart from math and teaching others, Evan’s hobbies include Korean pop dance, Arch Linux, Hanabi and puzzle hunts. These days, Evan is interested in number theory and combinatorics, and is hence presenting the sums of two squares problem and its connections to Gaussian integers / algebraic number theory.


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