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January 16th, 2022

1/19 Countdown

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Wednesday Meeting ⏱ This Wednesday, Dhruv will be gracing us with his exemplary countdown round! Make sure to come to enjoy some fun, competitive math and possible bragging rights;)

Friday ASMA As usual, we have our ASMA contest this Friday. Remember to join the zoom link at 6:00 and follow directions posted on google classroom.

AMC Results + AIME Date 📧 The MAA have not yet released AMC scores to us for either the A or the B yet! We’ll keep you guys updated and let you know, via email, whenever we receive them!

After receiving that email, if you would like your score, send us an email at, or message any math club officer.

AIME will be Tuesday February 8th. We will announce more about taking the contest, such as whether it’ll be in person or online, closer to the contest date.


Irvington Math Club