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December 16th, 2020

12/16 Meeting + Contest Reminders

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Wednesday Meeting 🥇
This meeting, we will review the recent CAML, ASMA, Math Madness, and At-Pac contests in our second Contest Review of the year! If you have any questions about the previous contests that you would like to go over, then this is the meeting for you!

If you have any specific questions you’d like to go over, please enter them in the form at The form includes a document with a list of all of the questions.

Lunch Contest and AMC Registration 📈
As a reminder, we have reopened lunch contests for 2021. On, you can register for the remainder of CAML, ASMA, and At-Pac at a discounted price, and take the contests after January 1st. CAML: $1.50 ASMA: $2.00 AT-PAC: $2.00 This is only for people who have not yet registered for lunch contests! (i.e. if you are already taking the contests, you may ignore this). Registration closes on this Tuesday, December 15th.

Also, AMC Registration was reopened last week and will close again on December 15th as well, so please register soon if you forgot to do so on the first deadline!

Last Chance for December Mathleague ⏰
Mathleague Qualifier #4 is on Saturday, December 19. Like always, it will be held completely online through Zoom and costs $15 to register. Please register by Tuesday, December 15, through the Vikings Shop if you are interested.


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