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September 20th, 2020

Lunch Contests

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Do you see that extra credit in math class saving you from a long lecture from your parents? Want a chance to meet some other brilliant students at school and solve cool math problems? Then here’s how to do so.

This year you can sign up for our lunch contests through a simple online process and a one-time payment.

  1. Go to and select the appropriate choice from the dropdown. The lunch-contest choices are At-Pac, CAML, ASMA, and Math Madness. The order of difficulty from least to greatest is At-Pac, ASMA, CAML, Math Madness.
  2. Add the item(s) to cart and pay on the site. You only need to buy one item per contest type; it will last the whole year.
    • There is a 33 cent fee, which claims to be “Friday After School Pickup” which is just the credit card processing fee. Since the contests are online, there is no shipping or pick-up anymore. (Recently, there is a “club item” shipping option which is equivalent).
  3. Before the contest, you will receive an email from Irvington Math Club consisting of more directions including the link for our Google Classroom. Once you receive the email, read through it carefully and follow any directions, in addition to joining the Google Classroom. Then, you’re done!!!
  4. On the day of the competition (some Fridays at lunch, see the calendar for details), you will have to submit your answers on one site as well as submit your work on Google Classroom.

We suggest that you add, our math club calendar, to your Google Calendar so you know when our events are.

Note that registration for math contests ends on October 7th so sign up soon.

Not all teachers offer extra credit for the math contest.


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